149. Burnet Park Golf Course

For anyone that has any sort of coordination, I’m sure they’ve tried golf…whether it’s mini golf or regular size golf, you’ve probably held some sort of club in your hand…

I think after many failed attempts at being a great golfer, I’m sticking to Mini Golf…but for those of you interested in a quick 9, designed with beginners in mind, Burnet Park has the best golf course for you. It’s located right on Tipp Hill…home to many bars, festivals and fun events.

With 9 holes, the largest one maxing out at 250 yards, this is a great course to learn on…not to mention, it’s open till 9 and it’s only $6 to play. Did I mention, this is one of the oldest courses in New York State? How cool is that?! …and it also has some of the best views of the city, too!


Who knows, maybe I’ll dust off my clubs and check this course out…but for anyone within spitting distance, beware of flying golf balls!

Tip: The first hole features the country’s only “shamrock” shaped bunker!

location: Avery and Coleridge Avenue

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