148. Fairmount Glen Miniature Golf

When it comes to the nicer weather Syracuse has to offer, it is noted that many people enjoy being outside at nighttime. We spend all day in our cubicles wishing to be outside. I personally, love doing outdoor evening activities. Give me a nice patio with some lights, a bonfire, a concert, or even a mini golf course and I’ll probably have the time of my life.

fairmount glen

When it comes to Miniature Golf in Syracuse, however, there’s one place that is the epitome of classic course. That’s Fairmount Glen.

This Miniature Golf Course has been around since the 1940s when it was located on what is now the campus of West Genny High School. The history is quite fascinating, actually.

This is by far the best Miniature Golf Course in town, and it’s really fun to go to with a group of friends. A single game is $7.50, 2 hours all-you-can-play is $11.50.

Tip: They’re open until midnight on the weekends.

location: 210 Onondaga Road

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