145. The MOST

Deep in the heart of Armory Square sits a haunting building, massive in size and features it’s home to an old armory. It’s dynamic size and structure watches over Syracuse, it protects it…it’s awareness leads to innovation and creativity. It’s the coolest place around, by far.


After years of different uses, it settled in as a Science Museum. Now, the building gets hundreds of visitors per day, curious about cells and robots and the most hands on interesting activities in town. This building is The MOST.

Personally, I’m just plain old awful at Science. I never understood any part of it…and the only time I can really get a grasp on the way Science works is when it’s hands on…not to mention, it’s really fun to experiment with all the cool tools there!

The MOST is great, it’s a fantastic activity for people of all ages, and even caters to the older crowd too, like Tap into the MOST, an IMAX theater –the only one in town, a planetarium (!!!) and they’re always bringing really awesome features around…like interactive exhibits on Robots!

The MOST is open throughout the week (closed on Mondays & Tuesdays) and the prices vary for what you’re interested in discovering. Click here for more details.

There’s so much stuff that goes on at The MOST that my suggestion to you is to try it out for yourself…walk around, feel the learning around you and take in the gigantic structure of the old Armory while you’re at it.

Tip: Museum Week is just around the corner, Buy 1 admission get 1 free the week of June 12-16.


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