143. Midway Drive-in Theater

We all know I’m a sucker for things with the slightest bit of history involved. Give me a good black and white photo and you’ve basically grabbed my attention.

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is to drive a little bit out of Syracuse to Fulton and watch a movie at the Drive-in theater. It’s a timeless tradition, it’s a remembrance of long ago…which we all know I really enjoy!

aerialmidwayI have been to this theater a few times, and each time I can guarantee it’ll be just as how it’s always been. You drive in with your car, cramming as many people as you can in the backseat…legally of course…you pay at the gate, find your perfect spot, tune your radio to 87.9FM, pull out your blankets and chairs and watch the movie outside.  Throughout the evening you’ll wander around, perhaps make a few friends at the concession stand…it will definitely be worth your money to go to a movie at the drive-in.

drivein theater

I love this place. It’s so awesome. And, it’s so cheap! $7 for an adult to see 2 movies?! Shows start at dusk, and they run through the evening. They’ve got their schedule here.

Tip: Saturday & Sunday they show Triple Feature Films. Thursday Friday & Monday are double feature.


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