142. Saunacuse

Rejuvination is what we’re all looking for after this past winter, and now that summer is within our reach it’s time to get movin!


A really unique business here in Syracuse is Saunacuse…first of all, anyone that can combine Syracuse and their business name is sweet, so there’s no surprise that Saunacuse is a really cool place to go. Everytime I drove by it on Hiawatha Blvd I always just thought it was a place where you went to go buy saunas, but it’s actually a private sauna relaxation place. Sounds sweet!

It’s also not that expensive, for a 30 minute session you can expect to spend about $20. They’ve got reasonable prices, and introductory packages.

Essentially, you are given the option of spending 30-40 minutes in an infrared Sauna, single or double, to detoxify your body. If you’ve ever been to a spa, it’s essentially the same thing. Only, the cool thing about Saunacuse is how private it is. You can spend some time relaxing, burning calories, and focusing on your health. In my opinion, it’s a great thing for everyone to do…it’s interesting and different, and a great way to detox your body.

Tip: You’re definitely going to need water, bring your own or buy some but it’s strongly recommended that you hydrate!

location: 835 Hiawatha Blvd

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