141. Heid’s

Guys, it’s hot.

Where did this summer weather come from? It’s getting really warm outside…and I don’t hate it!

With that being said, one of my favorite places to grab a seasonal treat is Heid’s. I know, I know…I know they’re open all year round, but there’s something about the warm weather and memorial day on the horizon that brings the crowds to Heid’s.


Here are a few of my favorite things about Heid’s hotdogs, in no particular order…

1) It was featured on Man vs. Food… which means my friends from out of state have asked me if they’re really as good as they say they are…and I always tell them the truth…yes!

2) Coach Boeheim is a fan.

3) The decor. I’m a sucker for all things that have the slightest hint of nostalgia…so therefore Heid’s ranks top in my book for this.

4) Their sides….all of em. From the mac salad to the fries…their menu is traditional quick hot dog stand fare, and it’s all delicious.

If you’re new to the area, and you haven’t tried Heid’s…or if you’ve lived here forever and you haven’t gone yet this year…head there Memorial Day weekend! It’s a classic American tradition!

Tip: During Syracuse football and basketball season, if you bring your tickets to Heid’s the day of any home game you can receive 1 regular fry FREE. 


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