140. Wine Tasting at Bittersweet

When it comes to wine, and I’ve mentioned this before, it’s all quite confusing to me. If I’m ordering wine at a restaurant, I scour the menu for what sounds like the least confusing glass and order it. Which is why whenever I hear of free wine tasting events, I always try to take advantage of them.

Wine tasting gives you the opportunity to really gage what kind of wine you’re interested in. To learn some new flavors and see what pairs really well with different types of foods.

Combine wine tasting with a really awesome spot and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a great time. Bittersweet is located on West Fayette Street, right around the corner from Clinton Street Pub…if you’re familiar. It is nestled between all of the new construction and the heart of Armory Square. It’s in a pretty prime location.

bittersweetI like Bittersweet for it’s atmosphere…and also it’s fantastic desserts. So pair that with a really cool evening of trying wines and meeting new people and you’ve got yourself a great evening.

The tasting goes from 7-9pm, tomorrow May 21st. Get there early, this place has recently become very popular, there are bound to be a lot of people there!

Tip: Like them on facebook, they’re always advertising events they’re having!

location: 121 West Fayette Street

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