139. Gannon’s Isle Ice Cream

Here’s a secret…I used to be a professional ice-cream scooper.

I put in plenty of hours at the Perry’s Stand at the State Fair and at the Sunshine Mini Mart Ice Cream Stand in my day…I knew how to scoop the perfect cone, how to even out the sprinkle to ice-cream ratio, how to apply just the right amount of fudge to that hot fudge sundae, I was an expert at my job…I swear.

There’s nothing quite like Summertime like Ice Cream…and while we’re still on the cusp of the Unofficial Summer threshold (memorial day weekend…), the weather is showing clear signs of summer.

gannonsGannon’s Isle is the perfect spot to go to to get that summertime treat. AND, lucky for everyone they just opened a new location downtown! How exciting is that! Judging by the crowds, the excitement and all the hooplah downtown, this summer is going to be record-breaking on all accounts! There are so many really awesome things in store for Syracuse!

Did anyone do the Downtown Living Tour? Did you love it?

Gannon’s is awesome though, they’ve got a variety of different flavors, mixtures, combinations and more! If you don’t believe me, check out their menu, the combo’s are incredible…I don’t know about you but I’m dying to try any one of their sundaes. It’s all homemade and hard ice cream and you can enjoy it at

They’ll be open throughout the summer at any one of their locations and their seasonal cart will be stationed randomly throughout the city at various locations as well! Keep an eye out for it!

Tip: Like them on facebook to learn about their specials, events, and where the seasonal cart will be throughout the summer!

location: The Valley, Shady Brook, and their new location downtown!!

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