136. Bocce Ball

In addition to Kickball, Syracuse is doing a great job of trying to get young-professionals/adults to compete in friendly sports. Last year, I noticed groups of people congregating on the lawn across from Nibsy’s every Tuesday and I had no idea what they were doing.

They looked like they were having a lot of fun though.

Bocce Ball GrassThen I learned they were playing Bocce Ball! Cool!

The sign-up’s for this year’s Bocce Ball league are still ongoing, You can essentially join at any point during the summer but the league starts on May 28th. It’s $50 for teams of 2, which pays for your registration, t-shirt, cash prizes and more! This year, they will be moving from the lawn across from Nibsy’s to Onondaga Lake Park near the Salt Museum. This is for the added convenience of more space to play, more parking and opportunities for more teams! More more more!

The rules for signing up are simple. Email paul@turbobocce.com. From there, he’ll tell you what’s up.

If you’re interested in spectating, which from what I’ve seen it’s hilarious….they’ll be offering a $5 all you can eat/drink option during games.  This is a great opportunity to get out and meet new people, have fun with old friends and have an all-around really great time. It mixes up the week a little with it being on Tuesday too!

Tip: Interested but not sure if you’re really interested? Check out the open practice May 21st at Onondaga Lake Park

location: Onondaga lake park

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