135. Downtown Living Tour

There’s a lot going on this weekend. From Musicals to races to tours, there’s literally something for everyone.

With all the history in Syracuse, we’ve got some pretty kickass buildings. Their outside architectural character is memorizing, but what about the inside?

Dtwn LivingTour Logo 08_lowest2

This Saturday from 12-6pm, opening the doors to a few of the favorite, most interesting and beautiful buildings downtown is the Downtown Living Tour. You’ll get a chance to freshen up on your Syracuse development knowledge and get the inside look at some of the cities coolest spots! Last year, they sold 2,100 tickets, and this year they’re expected to sell just as many! Tickets are $12 or $15 the day of, and that grants admission to The Pike Block, Dey’s Plaza, Merchant’s Commons and more! This is seriously going to be one of those events that you’ll hear people talking about…check it out for yourself, I guarantee it’ll be fun!

Tip: Here’s a detailed list of stops and talking points along the tour!

location: Downtown Syracuse

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