134. Race for the Cure

hero_newsarticle_race-for-the-cureThis Saturday, May 18th at 8am (the actual race starts at 10) is one of those local runs that attracts thousands of people. The Race for the Cure is definitely one of the most fun events of the Spring. It’s got a lot of participants, live music throughout the race, tons of spectators and more.

I ran this 5k last year and was totally motivated by all of the passion and excitement of all the runners. There were men wearing pink tutu’s and breast cancer t-shirts, groups of people with cool team names, survivors and supporters amongst the crowd of runners/walkers.

This event helps support local Breast Cancer programs, with 75% of proceeds going directly to them. For more information about donating click here.

To register for the run click here, and they’re still looking for volunteers!

Tip: This event attracts a lot of people, parking will be exactly how it is for the Fair…lots of walking!

location: NYS Fairgrounds

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