132. Canal Walk Cafe

It’s another Sunday, another opportunity to get a delicious brunch.


Canal Walk Cafe is one of my favorite little hidden treasures. If you’re in the mood for a drive, it’s located on the Seneca River right in the heart of Baldwinsville. Across from the Locke, the Island, all the good stuff. My friends and I love going to Canal Walk when the weather is nice, it’s full of locals and regulars. The tables are not traditional diner style, they’re all different sizes shapes and colors. The mugs are all mismatched, the plates, the seat you’ll be sitting in. I love it. I love that style, it makes dining out feel like less of a revolving door business and more like a homemade experience.

When the weather is nice, you can sit outside on the patio and enjoy a cup of coffee with your friends. Inside,there are pictures all over the walls, the decor makes you feel like you’re right at home.

Dining at Canal Walk reminds me of enjoying a meal at a friend’s house. They give you homemade coffee, the staff is friendly, the food is mouthwatering goodness. Options like Baked French Toast or Appleoat Pancakes…uh, yum! I strongly suggest if you’re planning on taking a little drive, to check it out. It’s open from 7am-1pm on the weekends and from 7-2pm throughout the week.

Their menu is simple, it’s not full of 1000 choices, it’s got the staples and they’ve got their specials. This is definitely one of my favorite places to frequent, especially during the summer months.

Tip: Like them on facebook to learn more about specials and offerings!

location: 23 Syracuse Street, Baldwinsville NY


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