129. Radisson Garage Sale

garage sale

Whenever I tell anyone I grew up in Baldwinsville, they always nod knowingly…”ahh, you guys have that Radisson place out there…” Yeah, we’ve got that Radisson place out there… and if you think it’s not good for anything…you’re sorely mistaken.

We’ve got the best annual garage sale in town!

This garage sale attracts people from all over…literally! You’ll see people from Buffalo, Pennsylvania, Watertown, etc… They set their calendars at the beginning of the year…this is when you find the real hardcore garage salers.

You’ll be able to find great things…children’s clothes, electronics, furniture, fine china!

Tip: Crowds usually die down around 2pm.

Location: Radisson Community

1 thought on “129. Radisson Garage Sale

  1. kathyolaughy

    Just a note to the early birds…some garage doors will be open on Friday, tho politically incorrect. On Saturday be aware of the parking situation. Don’t park in front of mailboxes – those pesky postal workers HATE this. Be careful of the bicycle riders (best way to do this garage sale – just tag your stuff and pick it up later…but get the address!) and watch the walkers with little cherubs. There will be food available – check out the pool area on Carpenter. Porta-potties are also strategically placed throughout the community…it’s not really cool asking a resident to use their bathroom. And best advice…if the item costs 25 cents don’t ask if they’ll take a nickel… lol


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