125. Mama Nancy’s

If you’re familiar with driving on 690 you’ve probably seen Mama Nancy’s. It’s situated next to a traditional truck stop, it looks retro and there are always tons of cars outside.


Mama Nancy’s is one of those diners where everyone is a regular. There are the older couples, the families, the students…the clientele is diverse but very loyal.

They’ve got an awesome menu, featuring my brunch favorite, eggs over easy, toast…you know, the simplest Sunday morning meal. But they also have other favorites, like French toast, steak and eggs and so so much more.

A neat little touch to Mama Nancy’s is that they also cater, they can do some big functions like holiday parties, grad parties, etc…

Tip: they’re open 24 hours a day 365 days a year!

Location: 512 State Fair Blvd

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