119. Karaoke At The Taste

Remember when I talked about Karaoke at Woodys? Well, I’ve recently discovered that Karaoke is a huge sport here in Syracuse…it’s performed almost nightly at various locations around town and it’s quite the hit.


The Taste is a new restaurant that is open downtown, sort of near Hanover Square. I remember driving by this standalone building when it was Shell & Bone and wanting/wishing for it to be open so I could check it out…but it never did, and soon it became The Taste.


It’s run by a local family, and it’s starting to make a name for itself with it’s Karaoke on Wednesday Nights. Starting at around 6pm until midnight, there’s a chance for you to display your singing skills…who knows, maybe you’re the next Kelly Clarkson!

Tip: Follow The Taste on facebook for more info on specials and weeknight activities.

location: 318 East Fayette Street

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