116. Firkin Fest

Beer, Beer & More Beer… that’s what’s on tap for this weekend!

With snow gone, and sunshine in the forecast  it’s time to celebrate, and what better than with some real ale.

J Ryan’s is hosting their annual Real Ale Festival, from Friday-Sunday. What they do is they line up all the casks of beer (which is where firkin comes from…) around the bar and you can sample them. Sounds easy enough, right?


They’ll have beers from breweries like Three Heads, Founders, Sierra Nevada, Flying Dog, Ithaca, Middle Ages, and more…so much more.

For $30 you can purchase a one day pass or pay $3 per sample. My suggestion?  Go to this! This is a great thing to do in Syracuse! J Ryan’s is a great bar…it’s got a completely different crowd from all the other downtown bars, their staff is super friendly and their food is SO good.

Tip: Follow them on facebook to learn more about what to expect the day of the event!

location: 253 East Water Street

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