114. Ballroom Dance Lessons


Remember a few weeks ago when I featured Salsa Dancing? Did anyone try that out? It’s fun!

When it comes to dancing, I’ve got 2 left feet..it’s embarrassing. But, I do love watching people dance…whether it’s ballroom dancing, hip hop, salsa…whatever it is, I’m a great spectator.

Ballroom Dancing always reminds me of the movie Shall We Dance? It’s a guilty pleasure…I find that movie entertaining and hysterical. Starting today and running through May 29th, every Wednesday, are Ballroom Dance lessons at Subcat Studios. From 7:30-8:30, learn the basics of the Cha-cha, mambo, rumba, and East Coast Swing, taught by some of the best in the business.

Tip: Registration is $75 for the 6 weeks or $15 for a drop-in class. Call (315) 256-0601 for more info!

location: Subcat Studios 2nd floor Rehearsal Room. 219 S. West St

1 thought on “114. Ballroom Dance Lessons

  1. Ballroom Dancer

    I too thought I had two left feet but now I do love every aspect of ballroom dance. The confidence of going from nothing to actually being able to dance is really amazing!


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