109. One Take Super 8 Event

Has anyone seen a movie filmed on a Super 8 camera before? They’re somewhat fidgety, they’re grainy and they offer a completely different viewing experience.


Tomorrow at “the bank” they’ve got a film event worth checking out. The one take super 8 event. The 7th annual One Take Super 8 Event is a film event like no other. They’ll have 30+ new Super 8 films for viewing, and free popcorn (!!!!) for patrons. This has become wildly popular throughout Syracuse, and a lot of people will be attending. You’ll have a chance to view some really really great movies made by local artists. Tickets are $5 for the public doors open at 6pm.

Visit the facebook page for more info.

Tip: You can bring your own snacks & drinks too!

location: 451 Warren Street, Syracuse NY

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