108. Tipp Hill Bluegrass Festival

Tipp Hill is home to some great local bars, activities, and festivals. Throughout the year you’ll learn that they’ve got something going on for the people of Syracuse. So exciting!

bluegrass fest

This weekend they’ve got their Bluegrass Festival. They’ll have 6 totally awesome bands playing in the Pavilion. They’ll have live music and booze throughout the day and inside you can grab a bite to eat, or just come in from the cold/rain/sun…whatever the weather decides to be like for that day.

Tickets are $14.20 and can be purchased here.

Tip: The festival starts at 4, but I suggest getting there early to find a spot to park. Now that the weather is nice, a lot of people will be out and about and it’s bound to be crowded!

location: Coleman’s Pavilion

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