104. Le Moyne Lacrosse Game

With all of the hustle and bustle of March Madness behind us, we can’t forget that spring sports here in Syracuse are still going on. Syracuse Lacrosse (both Men’s & Women’s) are doing well, and Le Moyne Lacrosse is doing well too! With a record of 9-2, they’re ranked #5 in Division II Men’s Lacrosse.


Sometimes we tend to forget about Le Moyne College Athletics, they fall into the shadow of Syracuse University. However, they’re pretty good…and from what I’ve heard incredibly entertaining. To watch Lacrosse is thrilling, it’s constant back and forth gives the spectators an “edge-of-your-seat” feeling the entire game…and now that they’re rounding out the season LeMoyne Lacrosse has limited home games.

Their next home game is vs St. Rose at 4pm up at LeMoyne. They play on a brand new field located at the Turf Complex and tickets are just $5. Tuesday’s forecast says 67 degrees (with a slight chance of rain…but we all know how Syracuse weather is…). That’s the perfect weather to watch a game in. Grab some friends and head on over to the complex to watch the Dolphin’s play.

Tip: If you can’t make it to this game, there is one last home game on April 27th at 2pm.

location: 1419 Salt Springs Road Syracuse, NY 13214

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