102. Clean Up Cuse

The other day I was driving towards 690, windows down, music loud…admiring all of the litter?

Ew, guys!

clean up cuse

Now that the snow has melted it is apparent this city needs a quick spring cleaning. Before we know it the tree will blossom, the sun will shine for more than 2 consecutive days and we’re going to want to spend a lot of time outdoors. But, who wants to spend time outside when it’s really dirty!

It’s always really nice when the community bands together to do something great for, well…the community! If you’re not doing anything this weekend, grab some friends and volunteer in the Clean Up Cuse initiative. The city of Syracuse has partnered with OCRRA to gather volunteers to help clean up the winter mess.

Volunteers will be provided with a Clean Up ‘Cuse T-shirt, cleanup supplies, and light snacks. Projects are happening in 10 locations around the City. Or, even if you’re not interested in formally volunteering, go out and check your street…see some trash? Pick it up! Monday April 22, is Earth Day…clean up the streets a little early!

Tip: There are A LOT of clean up cuse opportunities. Click here for the list & sign up for your desired project!

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