100. Spring Kickball Leagues


When I was in college, intramural sports were my jam. I loved to play them…I made sure I had teams for almost every sport…when I graduated I felt a little lost without my nightly flag football, water polo, kickball, volleyball games…

When I moved to Austin, I realized that there was this really cool program in the city for young-adults/professionals trying to make new friends and have a good time called Austin Sports & Social.

When I moved back to Syracuse, I always saw people with sport t-shirts on but I never knew how they knew about these teams. Plus, I wanted to get involved with them but I never knew when it happened.

Kickball seems to be a pretty fun thing to do around here, and throughout the spring & summer there are games going on throughout the week…tons of friends come together to play the most famous playground game of all time.

The spring kickball league is open right now for registration…but hurry if you’re interested in forming a team…the registration closes soon & games start next week! They play throughout the week at various parks around town. Click here for more info.

Grab some friends, think of a clever team name & hit the park this spring with a kickball team! For more info on the teams, registration, any any other questions you might have check out the homepage here.

Tip: If you’re thinking of gathering some friends for a team, hit up some of the local bars. They’re always interested in sponsoring teams & they will hook you up with some free drinks after the games!

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