99. Karaoke Party at Woody’s

Let me tell you a little story… one time I sang Karaoke in NYC. My brother and I did a duet to That Thing You Do. Half way through the song, I started harmonizing and my brother looked over and said “those are not the lyrics!”  Afterwards, everyone rushed the stage asking for my autograph.  That last part is a total lie. However, I did manage to get one congrats on great song choice. After that evening, I hung up my Karaoke mic forever and decided I’d be a spectator from there on out…it was also the same night I met a fake Chuck Knoblauch.


Karaoke is one of those things you can not help but love watching. I’ve witnessed friends try engaging an entire bar in a clap dance, groups of grown men singing in unison to Destiny’s Child and many people air guitar/drum their way through classic rock songs.

I’m actually surprised there are not more Karaoke-type events in and around town…a Saturday night Karaoke party at Al’s would be something I would watch!

Starting Tomorrow, April 10th, Woody’s Jerkwater Pub & Grub will be hosting a weekly Karaoke Party starting at 8pm-12am. There will be tons of songs to choose from, lots of opportunities to be praised for your vocals and even better…great food to enjoy before (maybe even during) and definitely after!


Tip: This is going to go on every single Wednesday for a while…if you miss this Wednesday, make sure to check it out throughout the spring/summer!

location: 2803 Brewerton Road, Mattydale

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