98. Smartass Trivia at Nibsy’s

Remember when I said that I liked trivia? And remember when I featured Smartass Trivia, a few weeks ago? Did you know that there’s more than one Smartass Trivia located in the Syracuse area? There’s quite a few, actually!


When people ask me what to do around town the first thing I tell them is trivia. I don’t know what it is, but I love trivia. Not to mention, there is literally trivia played every single night in Syracuse. I really enjoy being able to put my knowledge of random facts together with my friends. We walk away either arguing over a question or high-fiving because we pulled an answer out of nowhere and it was right!

Every Monday you can find my friends and I huddled in the corner at Kitty Hoyne’s playing trivia, and more recently at Coleman’s but now I’m tempted to venture out…check out other trivia’s…and one of those trivia’s on my list is at Nibsy’s.


Just a few blocks from Coleman’s, Nibsy’s has a rival (and MUCH less crowded) trivia going on.  Their questions are equally as hard and it’s just as competitive. Coleman’s trivia on Tuesday nights is a lot of fun, but there are a lot of people…sometimes more than 30 teams (!!!) and you need to get there VERY early (think 7:30-8pm for 9pm trivia) to reserve a spot and freshen up on random facts.

If you’re interested in something a little more low key with less crowd, pop on over to Nibsy’s.

They’ve got themed “quizzes” as they like to call the trivia, and 3 separate games. Starting at 7:30, 8:30 & 9:30 get a 6 chances to win prizes & drinks! WOO!!

Tip: You can only have 6 people on your team, so choose from your friends wisely!

Also, check the Nibsy’s facebook page on Tuesday’s for the evenings categories.

location 201 Ulster Street

1 thought on “98. Smartass Trivia at Nibsy’s

  1. Steve Patrick

    Liking Smartass trivia on Facebook will get you ALL the categories for ALL their shows!
    Tuesdays at Nibsy’s
    Wednesdays at Wise Guys comedy club
    And their NEW ONE-Pizza man pub in B’ville on Thursdays
    If you work early,or get out late-they don’t do one MARATHON ROUND,each hour is a new game with chances to win 2x each time!

    Plus no geography or sport stats from 1972…last weeks fun categories included:
    “You don’t know Jackman”
    “Take another little pizza my heart”
    “Beers looking at you,kid”
    “I pity the April fool!”

    Be sure and introduce yourself to me,as this is the second “shout out” 365 has given me,and as the thrift store dudes sing”This is f*cking awesommmmmeee”!!!


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