90. Syrathon

Spring has sprung, Syracuse is on their way to the Final Four in Atlanta and all is well!

SyrathonLogo (1)

Something I’ve noticed about Syracuse is the abundance of activities outside. We’re always trying to utilize the area, from Snow Tubing & Skiing in the winter to running and biking in the spring, to swimming in the summer…the list goes on…

With that being said, I recently discovered a great challenge here in Syracuse. With 1/2 marathons and marathons becoming popular throughout the country, not everyone can run 26.2 miles consecutively…. I sure know I can’t.

However, there’s still a chance to fulfill the 26.2…just not all at once…which, I don’t know about you…is ideal for a lot of people.

The Syrathon is a combination of races throughout the year that you can sign up for, ending in 26.2 miles run…same as a marathon! This is a personal marathon, something that will be difficult, but fun at the same time. I honestly think this is such a great idea…which is why I’ve signed up to be a Syrathoner, and you should too!

It’s quite simple…sign up for the races, sign your official Syrathon registration visit the Syrathon booth on race day, and lastly; run the races!

You’ve got a bunch of races to sign up for, and it’s not too late!

The first race was the 4 mile Tipp Hill Run, followed by the Mountain Goat, Paige’s Butterfly Run, Valley Nature In The City Run, The Inner Harbor 5k, Strathmore Parks Run, Run for their Life, and lastly the Eastwood Park-to-Park Autumn Run. You’ve got a little push and pull with the mileage there, so if you haven’t run the Tipp Hill race, you can still complete the Syrathon, don’t let that discourage you!

Let’s promise to be more active in 2013!

Tip: Check out the Fleet Feet website for more information on events and runs scheduled throughout the city!

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