88. Clam Bar

Keeping up with the theme of Fish Fry Friday’s, I’ve chosen my favorite seafood restaurant in Syracuse to feature on this last friday of Lent. Clam Bar is my favorite local seafood place. It’s local, it’s awesome, the food is great…I could go on….

clam bar

I recently took a trip to Clam Bar on a Friday with my family and we were so thankful to have made a reservation. If the wait had been more than 45 minutes, my Dad would have made us go somewhere else…and my heart was set on Clam Chowder….kind of like always. Thankfully, we got in right away…all was well!

My suggestion, call ahead. Weekends for Clam Bar are tough to get in, it’s always packed…mainly because it’s awesome.

Their menu is huge. It’s hard to pick just one thing to eat…we ordered a bunch of stuff…clams — steamed & raw, clam chowder (obviously) and then the main course of crab legs. Someone at our table ordered the Fried Haddock but I was not paying attention. At the end of our meal, I’m surprised they didn’t have to roll us out of there because we were pleasantly stuffed. Everyone could not rave enough about the meals we had just had. The service was great, they were accommodating to our needs and wants (more beer please!)

It’s always nice to come across a restaurant that is local and quaint and has amazing food. Here in Syracuse we’re lucky because we’ve got so many options…which I plan to keep exploring.

Clam Bar is the place to go tonight (or at least some time this weekend…) for dinner.

Tip: Call ahead to make a reservation. (315)458-1662

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