80. Al’s Wine and Whiskey

More commonly referred to as “Al’s,” this is quite possibly one of my favorite bars in Armory Square.

Located just across the street from Black Olive, walking into Al’s is like walking into someone’s hidden treasure of a basement…it’s dark, it’s comforting and there are a lot of couches. It sort of reminds me of one of my favorite bars in Austin, icenhauer’s. Plus, it was the first bar in Syracuse that I noticed Tito’s Vodka on the shelf!

I love how dark it is. It’s cozy and romantic yet at the same time it’s dark and mysterious. There are plenty of things going on at Al’s that will keep you occupied for hours…this not including the ginormous wall of spirits behind the bar. There’s pinball, pool, bored games, darts… there’s sometime’s live music… there’s great food. Like, they literally serve a loaf of bread…how awesome is that!


My friends and I love going to Al’s, mainly for the fact that it’s not the typical downtown crowd. It’s a little older; a little more mature. You feel like you have to be on your best behavior when you’re there. Which, I sort of like.

They’ve got great happy hour specials including, $1 off draft beers (which, they have a lot of on tap..) and wine (which, they have a lot of behind the bar…) and $5 meat and cheese sampler platters & nachos from 4-8pm Monday-Friday. Check out their events — like live music!

Tip: Just bring an honest face!


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