68. St. Patrick’s Day Party at the Landmark

Today is the day, people of Syracuse! The one time (maybe 3rd time…) a year it is socially acceptable to drink in the streets, dress head to toe in all green and dance along to bag-pipes… actually, that kind of sounds like a typical Friday night for me… I kid, I kid.


Today is the St. Patrick’s Day parade downtown and we’re more than thrilled to know of the goings-on around the parade route. The number one thing to do today is to head to the Landmark Theater’s St. Patrick’s Day Party.

This is a great opportunity to sneak inside to warm up, listen to live music & watch the Syracuse game. For $3 (tickets bought at the door) you get to hang out inside the historic Landmark Theater (awesome!). The odds of it being so crowded you can’t move are slim, which makes this the most appealing thing to do today. You can also buy a ticket & come and go as you please… so if you want to watch the parade, go meet up with friends, grab a bite somewhere..whatever it may be, you can always come back to the party.


They will have live music from The Neverly Brothers & will be playing the Syracuse game on the big screen.

Tip: Tweet pictures from inside the Syracuse Landmark to @syrlandmark with the hashtag #luckofthelandmark to be entered to win free stuff!!

The Landmark Theater is right along the parade route, this is the spot you want to be stationed at! Do not miss this!

Location: Salina St

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