64. Coleman’s Trivia

Question: What river forms much of the border between Canada and New England?

Being from New York, most of you, I expect you to know that the answer is the St. Lawrence River….y’all.

Trivia questions are difficult…I will admit, I get maybe 46% of them right…but playing trivia with friends is so much fun. Each (and almost) every Monday you can find me & some friends at Kitty Hoynes trivia. We have won, we have lost…but each time we have fun.

So, imagine my excitement when I realized that there’s basically trivia every night around town! Tuesday’s trivia is at Coleman’s.


Hosted by The Syracuse Trivia Company, they attract teams — sometimes as many as 9 players, to partake in the chance of becoming the smartest people in the neighborhood one day a week. Which, if you’re ever feeling like you’re not that smart…just win trivia…you’ll immediately feel like you can change the world, one factoid at a time.

Coleman’s trivia sign-up starts at 8pm on Tuesdays (it’s free to play!), but you might want to get there a little early to grab a bowl of popcorn, a drink & a table. Here are the rules on how to play.

Tip: Click here to figure out how to win bonus points!

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