63. Faegan’s Pub

Here’s what I like about Faegan’s… the beer selection, the service, the menu and the crowd.  With that being said, I think those are four pretty decent characteristics for a bar. Even though Faegan’s is located directly across from Marshall street there’s a completely different type of crowd that goes there. You’re not going to find it full of the average 21 year old college student, but you’re going to find a bit of an older crowd, a graduate school/alum crowd/young-professional crowd.


Faegan’s has a variety of events throughout the week, Tuesday’s there’s the Beer Tour, Wednesday’s is their famous flip night, Thursday’s $3 drafts…not to mention on game nights or concerts there’s always quite the crowd in there.

I recently went to a flip night with a few of my friends and while we felt like we could possibly be the oldest people in the crowd it was still a hell of a good time! Regardless of how difficult it was to pull myself out of bed on Thursday morning for work it was worth it to feel like an undergraduate celebrating for no good reason on a random Wednesday.  The only thing I didn’t know was that there was a small cover at the door for that evening, but this is only because there’s a good chance you’ll only be spending $2 at the bar, if you’ve got good odds…I however, do not have good odds.

They’ve also got a great menu, featuring all types of great pub food from wings, sandwiches, salads and burgers. Plus, a large variety of beers & wines. Added bonus: they highlight local ingredients! 

Tip: Wanna know why they ring that bell sometimes?! Leave them a big tip to find out.


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