62. The B’Ville Diner

There are few places remaining that upon entering you’re welcomed by a giant juke box and bright neon sign. But, when you do find these places you can be guaranteed that not only will their brunch be great, but the experience will make you feel comfortable, at-home and satisfied.


The B’Ville Diner is one of those places that has all the right qualities to make it a classic diner. The history of the building itself is awesome. I mean, it’s been in business since 1934! Although it has gone through a few face lifts to accommodate for a growing popularity and generational change, one thing has remained the same; it is a great place to grab a bite to eat.

The Diner, as the locals refer to it, is open 24 hours…it is usually packed around 2am with the rowdy bar crowd (which is always fun to be a part of) and brunch. It has a huge menu with specials for everyone. I know you might not believe me, but I have yet to find a better bowl of clam chowder…and I am the clam chowder expert. They swear its homemade, and I’d rather believe them than think it might be from a can.

Their brunch is served all day. It doesn’t matter if its the dead of winter or the hottest day of the summer, the diner will have a line of people out the door waiting for a seat…But the wait is never really that long. There will be older folks with their grandchildren, returning college students grabbing a last bite with their families before heading back to school, friends meeting up for a cup of coffee and breakfast; or if you’re lucky you’ll see an entire sports team sharing a meal before their big game.

Everything on their brunch menu is delicious! Authentic sausage & gravy (my sister’s favorite), eggs and hash browns, the fretta (it’s huge!), pancakes, French toast, and their omelets have an endless variety of add-ins.

The B’Ville Diner is a must-go-to hidden gem brunch spot in Syracuse.


Tip: Each table has their own individual juke box controls!


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