61. Wizard Of Oz Ballet

I think a re-occurring theme throughout Syracuse is that the Arts come in many shapes and sizes. We’ve got yoga, museums, music, opera .. the list goes on…

The Wizard of Oz is going through a revival, with the movie set to open on Friday March 8th, it can be spotted all over the place. Which is exciting, although I was terrified of the movie when I was younger, I have a bit of an appreciation for it now as an adult.

Tonight, at the On Center there is a dance event, highlighting not only Syracuse Arts, but also the revival of Oz. Dance Centre North is performing The Wizard of Oz. Get your Dorothy on, while watching the magical red pointe ballet shoes on stage.


Tickets can be purchased here, they range from $15-20. Show starts at 2pm.

Tip: Afterwards, grab lunch at the Mission, right around the corner!

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