60. Brew & View

When I was living in Austin, TX (which is a really awesome city, by the way…) there was this theater called the Alamo Drafthouse. And at the Drafthouse, you’d have chance to watch some first run movies while enjoying a drink or two… or you could go there for their special event like sing-alongs and soccer games. Like, they have some seriously cool events.

Here in Syracuse, I’ve desperately wanted to find somewhere close to this…and the closest thing I’ve found is the Palace Theater…which, besides being historically an awesome spot it’s got some great events going on.


Tonight, they’ve got their Brew  & View Series which showcases films that are cult classics, like the Big Lebowski & Switchblade Sisters, in true “Big Screen” Fashion.

Tonight they’ve got 3 big hits: Barbarella, The Warriors & Switchblade Sisters. And on April 20th they’ve got (a personal favorite of mine) The Big Lebowski & Reefer Madness.

Tickets are $10 at the door & beer and wine is available for purchase (obviously, with valid ID!)

Tip: Get there early to grab a drink & a friend, doors open at 6:30!


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