59. OptiGolf at DesiNY

Today is the last day of February, we’re a mere 20 days away from Spring, it’s time to get ready for it.

OptiGolf at DesiNY is a great way to practice your golf swing and get in a round while there’s still snow on the ground.



It’s on the 3rd level of the new addition to Carousel Mall, next to Pole Position.

OptiGolf is designed with every level golfer in mind. You can hone your skill at the fairway, or you can play a round with a few friends. There are also 95 different courses to choose from! You can never get bored here. And, just like a real golf course, there is beer available while you play….I’m not much of a golfer, but I’d love to try this out…it’d be a great way to learn how to golf without actually losing my ball in the water, or in the woods, or wherever else you can lose it.

Tee-times are available Sunday-Thursday from 9am-10pm and Friday-Saturday 9am-11pm. Rates are here

Tip: Clubs are available at OptiGolf.

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