57. Artful Yoga

Believe it or not, Art Museum’s are not just for art.

I recently learned about a program at the Everson Museum that incorporates yoga and art. Artful Yoga at the Everson is the art of practicing yoga amongst the artwork. This is so cool. Art museums have a calming effect anyway, so what better place to practice yoga than in an Art Museum?!

Saturday Morning’s from 10:30-12pm, the Everson Museum hosts their Artful Yoga series. For $10 (non-members) or $5 (members) you get a 90 minute yoga session led by a certified yoga instructor in the Rosamond Gifford Sculpture Court.










This is yoga for all skill levels, and yoga mats are available for free at a first come first serve basis. It is bound to fill up so make sure you register before your class! To register, contact Kimberly Griffiths.

Location: 401 Harrison Street. Parking is available in lots surrounding the museum (for a fee) or at metered spots on Harrison or State street.


Tip: Your first class is free!

1 thought on “57. Artful Yoga

  1. Jess

    Art & yoga, such a wonderful combination! I must find out if there is anything like this in London, thank you for the inspiration 🙂


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