56. Tipp Hill Shamrock Run

This saturday celebrates the 8th annual Shamrock Run on Tipp Hill. At 11am, thousands of local runners will gather at Burnet Park and run the 4 mile hilly course through historic Tipperary Hill.

tipp hill

This is a great run for those who are willing to be challenged and rewarded.  Last year, the conditions for the run were cold and gloomy but the live music and neighborhood support made the run a lot of fun, and despite the difficulty of the course and the weather there was nothing that would stop me from registering again this year.

The hills provide for a challenging course while running up and down Avery Avenue, Tompkins, Coleridge, etc, etc… local bands and organizations come out to support and distract runners with live music and cheering.

Register here, it’s $30 through March 1st and $35 the day of the race.

This run is a great way to prepare for the even harder Mountain Goat race.

Like them on facebook to get up-to-date info regarding the race. Even if you’re not interested in running, they’re always looking for Volunteers to help pass out water and cheer on the runners!

Tip: After the run, head to Coleman’s for a green beer!

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