55. Winterfest – Chowder Cookoff

I am so excited for this event. A little fact about me is that clam chowder is my favorite food. I like to think of myself as a clam chowder connoisseur of sorts. Whenever it’s on the menu, I have to order it. I’ve spent countless meals going over the ingredients and the flavors, I don’t know what it is but I love clam chowder.


Of the clam chowder I have tried, and I’ve tried a lot, I am still looking for a bowl to beat The Bville Diner’s clam chowder. I know, right?! The Diner?! But I’m telling you…it is so good!

Today’s event for winterfest was designed with me in mind. The Chowder Cookoff! Area restaurants will compete for the best clam chowder in Syracuse. Same as yesterday’s event, this is from 11-3 in Hanover Square

Tip: There’s also a Bloody Mary mix off today too!

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