54. Winterfest – Chili cookoff


Words synonymous with winter: hot chocolate, snow, and chili.

The Chili Cookoff portion of winterfest is one of the most anticipated events of the entire 2 week festival. People in attendance get the chance to sample some of the finest chili in all of Syracuse from some of the best restaurants and organizations. The winner gets the best prize of all, not the money but the bragging rights that they’ve got the best chili in town.

They set up and have their chili ready by 11am and the public tasting starts at 2:30pm. Just that perfect time of day when you’re ready to warm up after being outside with a nice bowl of chili. Then you vote and the winner walks away with the chance to say “we’ve got the best chili in Syracuse.” Not a bad gig.

Find out more information here.

Tip: There are also other really fun events for winterfest today like the sandwich stroll and the Margarita mix-off.

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