51. Downtown Dining Week – The Mission

Located on the corner of East Onondaga Street sits a lone red building that resembles a church. It’s quiet, it’s quaint, its perfect.

As I’ve mentioned before I am all about history…I studied it in college and I get really excited when learning new and exciting facts. So imagine my delight when I learned that not only was The Mission an old church in Syracuse, but it was also an imperative stop on the underground railroad. It’s things like this that make this city so cool!


For downtown dining week The Mission is featuring some of their specialities. For just $25, you can taste one appetizer, one entree and one dessert. They’re known for their delicious Mexican food and on the menu they’ve got some of everyone’s favorites. It’s hard to pick just one thing I’d suggest because it all sounds so good!

I recently had a delightful experience at The Mission. My friend and I got there early, we were promptly seated, our server Derrick was quick to offer great advice about the menu and made sure our complimentary chips and salsa were always overflowing. I like to think that by living in Colorado and Texas I have become somewhat of a pro when finding the right guacamole, and The Mission is no joke. I’d say it might be my favorite yet!


Tip: If you’re looking for one of the best margaritas in town head here! Plus, are only $5.50!

They also serve Brunch from 11-3pm on Sunday’s!


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