50. Downtown Dining Week – Empire Brewing Co.

When it comes to dining downtown there are a few go-to places I will always agree upon. There’s hardly a chance I’ll say no to Kitty Hoynes or Black Olive and there’s hardly a chance I’ll say no to Empire Brewing Co.

It wasn’t until last year that I had tried Empire for the first time, and I was immediately sold on it. I especially love the ambiance at Empire. The exposed brick highlights a certain coziness that makes you feel right at home. It’s situated below the sidewalk on Walton Street; so you feel like you’re walking into some secret establishment rather than a restaurant.


The downtown dining menu for Empire highlights all of my favorite things they have to offer. From the lobster bisque to soft pretzels and burgers you can choose from 3 courses and a beer or glass of wine for just $25.

The neat thing about Empire is that they’re especially known for their micro-brews and their “buy local” initiative. Many of their food comes straight from local farmers, and they’re always looking to highlight local ingredients whenever possible. They’ve got a wide variety of beers on tap that will accommodate anyone’s palate, from light and airy to strong and hoppy they’ve got something for you.

They also host a variety of local bands for live music throughout the week and on (almost every) Sunday host Los Blancos during their Brunch, which needs it’s own post for how awesome it is!

Tip: If you like a lighter beer, I suggest trying the Skinny Atlas!

Follow them on Twitter for more information about upcoming specials, bands and brews.


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