48. Green Beer Sunday

I was told by my neighbors on Tipp Hill that Green Beer Sunday is a celebration to make accommodations for in your schedule, which is why I’m posting it early!

It is actually not until February 24th, but the sign has been up at Coleman’s for a few weeks now. It is important to put it in (green) ink on your calendar…this is an event NOT to be missed in Syracuse. Thousand’s of people come to celebrate this event each year without fail. It is a giant celebration of friendship, tradition and Syracuse, you can even buy t-shirts!

The green beer tradition at Coleman’s on Tipp Hill is widely recognized throughout the city as a sign that St. Patrick’s day celebrations shall commence. This year will be no different than other years, there will be a parade with Irish step dancers, bag pipers, and more followed by a huge tanker that will fill a keg with green beer that will last through St. Patrick’s day.

green beer

It’s a completely free event to spectate and judging by the weather, and yesterdays Winter Warmer Beer Fest the nicest thing to know is that Spring is around the corner, and what better way to remind yourself of that than to celebrate!

Tip: It starts at noon, don’t be late! And don’t forget to wear Green!

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