43. Syracuse Lacrosse Home Opener

A way to be able to tell when Spring is in the air is the start of lacrosse season. Despite the inevitable snow storm in March…


Syracuse has always been widely recognized for their lacrosse program. When I went to school at Colorado State and I’d tell people I was from Syracuse, first they’d ask how close to NYC I was (…sooo annoying…) and then their eyes would widen, “Ahh! They have awesome lacrosse!” I’d nod and smile, and reflect fondly on my days as the stat girl for the B’ville team in High School…

This weekend kicks off the 2013 season for Syracuse Lacrosse.

This is a great activity to take the family to or bring a bunch of friends to. Lacrosse is a really exciting sport to watch, the fast pace of the game and the skill of the players keeps the spectator glued to the field the whole time. You blink and you could miss a huge play!

The Men’s team is coming into the season ranked in the top 20 and expect to continue climbing to the top. With returning players ready to take charge and new guys ready to follow suit and with leadership to Coach Desko, this team will be one to watch this year. Their game is Feb 17th at 4pm vs. Albany. For more information check out Syracuse.com


The Women’s team is not to be overlooked either, with a rank of #2 (!!!) in the preseason polls, they’re ready to take on Maryland Sunday Feb 17th at 1pm.   A little fun fact, one of their coaches is even on the World Cup Women’s Lacrosse Team! Awesome!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for February 17 & check the schedules for other home games too! You most definitely do not want to miss this season.

Tip: Tickets for the Men’s game can be purchased here

Women’s Schedule

Men’s Schedule

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