42. Pole Position Go-Karts

Every once in a while there’s something that comes to Syracuse that is probably intended for a certain age group and instead everyone of all ages ends up loving it… remember Funscape? That place rocked.

Thankfully, Carousel (I’m sorry, I can’t get into calling it DestiNY…) has brought some pretty fun things to town, including indoor go-karts. Who can pass up the chance to drive one of those? For real.


Pole Position, located on the 3rd floor of the new addition to Carousel (er…DestiNY…) has fun for the whole family. I’ve known a few people who have gone and thoroughly enjoyed the chance to zip around the track in the Go-Karts.  It’s quite simple, you just have to be 48″ tall to ride & drive. They supply helmets (for safety, obviously…) and you get to pretend you’re Mario Andretti, or Danika Patrick for a few minutes.

What better way to get your brother, guy friend, boyfriend, husband, grandpa…whoever…to the mall than to entice them with the opportunity to drive the go-karts! Whoever thought about putting this in Carousel was quite frankly a genius.

$23 for non-members gets you the standard race package of 14 laps, which is well worth your experience.

Tip:  If you celebrate Valentine’s Day at Pole Position all women will receive one free race with a paid race. (February 14th only!)

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