41. The Gem Diner

Rumor has it that years ago The Gem Diner was a place where no one wanted to dine at. Apparently, it was everything that was wrong with eating at a restaurant.

gem diner

And then, everything changed about 2 years ago… The Gem has new management, and with new management came a whole new experience. We tried The Gem Diner out for the first time around October, with hesitation because a friend of ours had said “I heard that place is gross…” and at the end of our meal, with a love for our waitress and the hashbrowns we had just scarfed down…we could not wait to rub it in our friends face how incredibly wrong he was.  My friends and I go to the Gem almost every Sunday now. We absolutely love it.

The service is quick, the food is delicious, the prices can not be beat. It has that classic diner look that transports you back to the 1950’s.  The staff is friendly and attentive. They’re always refilling our coffee, which on a Sunday  morning is a must.

Like I’ve said before, I order the eggs & hash browns; but their pancakes, omelets, frittas, eggs benedict… it’s all great. The gem is my favorite place to eat brunch in Syracuse, hands down (and you know I like brunch…right?). I’m also not the only one who thinks this.

Tip: The gem serves booze! They’ve got beer on tap & wine! Just note, it’s served throughout the week, but on Sunday’s it’s served after 12pm.


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