39. Sled for Red

When we were younger, my neighbors, siblings & I would spend a good 30 minutes looking for every possible (matching) glove, hat, snow pant, boots…after a few tears and some shouting we’d finally be ready to walk up the street to the sledding hill.

It was at this sledding hill where we discovered that we could be super heroes, sledcar drivers…nothing was off limits. We would build jumps and ramps and try to surf down the hill on the variety of different objects we had acquired.

As an adult, it’s a little less acceptable to show up at the sledding hill and re-live the childhood years, but you know what I say to that? Who cares!

On February 9th, AIDS Community Resources of Syracuse is hosting a fundraiser to educate and bring awareness to the people of Syracuse on HIV/AIDS. With the impending storm headed our way, the amount of snow we are expected to get could potentially make this event even more fun than originally thought.


The Sled For Red event is a fun sledding derby held at the Four Seasons Golf and Ski center; remember from day 1? They’ve got events for everyone. You can make a team and sled down the hill together, you can watch from the sidelines & cheer friends on, you can enjoy food & drinks and you can stick around afterwards to sled down the hill at a discounted rate of $10.

The rules are simple. Your sled can be made of cardboard, tape, & paint… no industrial cardboard. No plastic. No wood, no glue or any of those high tech fasteners like staples or screws. No profanity. That sounds simple enough, right?!

This event starts at 5pm on Saturday February 9th at the Four Seasons Golf and Ski Center in Fayetteville.

Tip: Help my friends over at NOexcuses meet their goal of raising $250 for this event!

Proceeds go to the AIDS Community Resource center.

more info here & here

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