38. Lunch at PJ’s

As someone who is trying diligently to stay on top of things here in Syracuse, and someone who is constantly throwing around the phrase “blog research,” I committed a cardinal sin on Monday.

A friend of mine and I had decided we would get gyro’s at Black Olive as per our usual lunch…it had just started snowing and we pulled up at the same time; quickly we walked towards the door and when we went to open it I immediately knew something was wrong. The lights were out, the door was locked… how did I not know Black Olive was closed on Monday’s?? It slipped my mind, but I will never forget that moment…merely because two grown women were standing in the middle of Clinton Street having a hissy fit.

We hurriedly walked around the corner and decided to try out PJ’s.


In my experience, I’ve only ever been to PJ’s for St. Patrick’s day and an occasional hazy-late-night Saturday. So naturally, I was skeptical. We settled for the bar and ordered our meals.

I looked around noticed the place was packed! For 1pm on a Monday I couldn’t believe the number of people there, especially making the trek during the snowy afternoon. There was a business meeting going on in the back, what looked like regulars sitting at the bar having some soup, a variety of different people.

Knowing that we had our hearts set on Gyro’s we hoped that the menu would not disappoint, and it did not. It’s classic Irish pub fare with things from soups & sandwich combos, specials like Chicken Riggies (which were delicious), salads, panini’s — you get the gist. All very affordable, my lunch came to $8.

Highly recommended by two women who were absolutely devastated due to derailed lunch plans, but sometimes the best plans are unplanned.

I also can’t wait to go back during the warmer months so I can sit outside on their patio, which overlooks the heart of Armory Square, lots of people watching to be had!

pjs patio

Tip: The chicken riggie’s special was a great choice, and very filling!


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