37. Jazz at Syracuse Suds

We’ve already established that Syracuse love’s jazz.

But what I didn’t realize was that Jazz is really a lifestyle in Syracuse.  A few weeks ago, I was informed that downtown Armory Square, during the week, has a variety of Jazz bands playing and that Suds on a Wednesday is the place to be.

Every wednesday with varying times, usually at 6(ish), Suds hosts a variety of Jazz Bands. This is relaxing and worth going to.  All the bands are unique and entertaining, but I’ve heard that when the Salt City Jazz Collective play that’s the night you want to go.

The really great thing about this event was that I had absolutely no idea anything like this was happening downtown during the week.  That’s something that has been the most exciting thing about writing this daily blog, it’s been discovering that we’ve all been complaining for as long as I can remember that this city is so boring, and we’ve all been so very wrong.  While it usually takes some planning, and when it snows you don’t want to leave your house for anything, I highly highly recommend checking this out at least once.

Jazz-Collective-at-Suds-Factory-Left copy

Tip: Find the calendar here, it’s not every Wednesday during Basketball Season.

Location: 320 S Clinton St  Syracuse, NY 13202

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