36. Song Mountain

When it comes to February, the people of Syracuse know how to do it right. They’re fully aware that there’s a possibility of 6 more weeks of winter…they’re fully aware that no matter what, they probably won’t see green grass until St. Patrick’s day (if they’re lucky…). Children go to bed wearing their pajama’s inside out and backwards with cotton balls under their pillows…we refresh the “school closings” feed on NewsChannel9…and we patiently wait as citizens of this great city for the outcome of a groundhog seeing his shadow…we’re into superstitions…we know what long dreary winters are like, and quite frankly…we’re sick of them.

However, February is a whole new ball game. With January, you’re still on that Holiday High…you’re motivated because of your new year’s resolutions…you’ve got a high spirit…come February we’re just sort of dragging, and March is never any better.

But, there’s always that optimism that the snow will melt and the weather will change and that’s what keeps us going. However, I need to commend you Syracusians…we’ve done a really great job getting through the winter together this year… and as we always say, “it could be worse.”

Today’s activity highlights exactly what mid-winter is all about. Clearly, it’s something we all enjoy. We like being outside here, we like trying to make the best of it. We like skiing.


Song mountain has everything we’re asking for…fresh powder, outdoors, reasonable prices…we can go as a group, we can go alone…no matter what Song Mountain is a great place for a day-ski-trip.

Located just south of Syracuse in the small town of Tully, Song Mountain is home to over ten trails, a few chair lifts & endless amounts of fresh snow pumped right from those great little snow makers.The conditions are perfect this time of year…it’s not too cold outside (mid 20s…not too cold..ha!) and there’s still snow coming down all over.

I personally like Song Mountain because of it’s convenience. It’s never going to be too much of a hassel to get to, you can basically see it from 81-South, and the prices are tremendously reasonable –after 4pm lift tickets are only $27! In fact, they’ve got a promotion going on now where if you buy a Season Pass for 2013 you get the Season pass for 2014 free! (F-R-E-E that spells free!).

Song Mountain is a great place to go with a bunch of friends, they’ve got tons of activities going on for the remainder of the season. Check ’em out!!

Tip: Night skiing is what Song is known for. Friday, Feb 22 Lift Tickets from 4PM – Midnight are ONLY $7


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