35. Rosie’s

We are sprinting into February, a month full of Syracuse-fun activities. Including, the most exciting time of Syracuse Basketball season.

Watching the game at any bar around town is always exciting. Home games, away games …no matter what, the fans love to gather at local watering holes, enjoy some beer & cheer on the Orange.


Tonight’s game is no different.

Watching the game at Rosie’s is something I’ve done quite a few times, each time has been exactly how I like it. Not too crowded, intense fans and good wings.

Rosie’s is located in the Tipp Hill neighborhood, has plenty of parking and a nice outdoor patio for the summer months. The horse in the front is a trademark around town, it’s rather cool!


They are always hosting live music (Mere Mortals play on March 1) and fun parties. It’s also great place to go to catch a game. Whether its NFL, NBA, or College Football or Basketball you’ll be sure to be surrounded by diehard fans all very passionate about their teams.

Food, beer…you name it. It’s affordable, it’s delicious and you’re not going to walk away unsatisfied.

Tip: This is a great place to come with a bigger group of people. Plenty of space to spread out.


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