33. Syracuse Stage

Located right around the corner from Syracuse University sits a brilliant building with character bursting out of the seams, quite literally.  Syracuse Stage.

Outside of the theater, there are interactive musical bricks and neon LED lights, it does not make you think you’re in Syracuse, but rather planted the middle of a modern artist’s dream.  Inside, it’s small..in that cozy sense, and comfortable.  There’s a sense of community amongst the members on the stage, and the patrons in the crowd. Seeing a show at Syracuse Stage is a must.


I recently saw White Christmas with my Mother & her theater group around the holidays and pleasantly surprised by my experience. Inside the theater you’re close to the stage; you feel like you’re a part of the cast. During intermission you can head to the lobby and enjoy a drink, buy some souvenirs or just mingle with friends.

The professional cast and Syracuse University Theater students share the stage to put on theatrical productions that are worth your time and money. Tickets aren’t too expensive, varied in prices from show to show and seat to seat. There is literally not a bad seat in the house, unless you’re me and you get stuck (everywhere you go) sitting behind a woman with a large bouffant.

There are currently 4 scheduled upcoming shows, Two Trains Running (current), A Midsummer Nights Dream (March 6-31), Good People (April 24-May 12) and The Iliad (May 15-June 9).

Tip: If you’ve got enough time, to go Phoebe’s for dinner beforehand, located right across the street!

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